About Us


My name is Eric and I have been in the Sewing Machine World for some 50 years.

I ran 3 Sewing Machine Shops in South Devon for some 30 years and as the years went by I grew more and more drawn to the Singer Featherweight Machines.

The fact that they were easy to handle and a pleasure to work on.made it an easy decision to want to work with these beautiful machines It was not long before it became an obsession and so that’s how it all started

I have had the pleasure of owning dozens and dozens of these wonderful featherweights and supplying them to customers all over the world, the response you receive back from every sale makes it all worthwhile and it makes it a pleasure to work on these machines, and with the persons that want to own one, there is not a better machine on the market to work on and to own one yourself.

The Singer 222 freearm machine is the most sought after model, especially in the Quilting fraternity being a very versatile machine with the the removable Bed converting the machine into a Freearm sewing machine ,hence its popularity with the Quilters, the fact that it only weighs 9 kilo makes it so easy to travel with and it came with lots of useful accessories.