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A Short history of the Featherweight 221/222 Sewing Machine

The Featherweight was built to sell firstly and foremost as a Lightweight portable sewing machine.
The engineering and planning that Singer put into this new Featherweight made it a total winner ,where the So the called Sewhandy had failed to take over the market , It was far heavier and clumsy.
The new machine was cast in aluminum thus drastically reducing the weight , a flip-up extension table was added that increased the work area and an easily reverse lever feature.
Maintenance was made easier with a single thumb screw releasing the bottom pan for lubrication and servicing.

This new machine was introduced to the public in 1933 at the Chicago World's Fair. The improved model, which followed three years later, had a re-worked bobbin case and a numbered Tension dial which took the guesswork out of tension setting.

Production during WW2 was severely limited and some of machines made during this period had black painted parts instead of chrome and others had a crinkle finish paint work.
Production of the 221 started in the UK at what was then Singer's largest factory in 1949. Six years later production started on the now know as the ultimate Featherweight, the 222 Freearm, an absolute revelation, The not so often seen white/green model which was made in very limited numbers until 1964. The Tan/beige machines were also produced in Scotland and at the Canadian plant